2/2/2019 - Good times

The 2020 election season has begun. I'm a MAGA voter and will be again in 2020 but isn't it fun to look at the other side of the ticket. There is a HUGE list of democrat hopefuls. Here is a partial list and my thoughts.

Cory Book aka/Spartacus - get your walleye fixed, no one wants to see that for 4 years
Joe Biden - from my great state of Delaware or Scranton, PA - pffft, you're dumb
John Hickenlooper - who the hell is he and who wants to say that last name
Eric Holder - go ahead and try to kick me, dumbass
Robert Francis O'Rourke - why would your Irish family give you a Spanish nickname plus if you can't beat Ted Cruz, why would you think you can beat Trump
Elizabeth Warren - u-hna-lv-hi
Howard Schultz(I) - you should have stuck to coffee
Hillary Clinton - though she hasn't announced, you know she will - BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Bernie Sanders(I) - you are going to blow out your carotid if you don't stop SCREAMING

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