2/27/2019 - Birdie

Happy news today! I have adopted a rescue from Georgia. I looked into those beautiful eyes and fell in love. She is a Treeing Walker Coonhound. I don’t know her circumstances but I am the beneficiary of them and will love her and heal her broken heart as she will mine.

I haven’t blogged about Max and it still hurts my heart. Max was always off leash at home because he never left the yard with an exception or two of chasing a cat out of the neighbors yard. One very foggy morning in December I took him out while I smoked (I quit that). The last I saw him he was down by the mailbox watering the post and I told him to come on. I turned to put out my cigarette and turned back and he was gone. That was the beginning of a horrible day. I searched, I called, I recruited my family to do the same, nothing. My girls posted on FB pages, Kristin printed flyers, I camped out where there were sightings, nothing. I had rescued him from a puppy farm and had nursed him back to health. We took him everywhere, we traveled for five weeks last year, he had visited more states than most people, he slept with us, he was family. I think someone has found him and made him theirs. I can only pray they are good to him. I grieved, I cried and I vowed not to have another dog. Then I realized that my heart had a hole only another dog could fill.

There are local dog rescues and I had applied to a few of them. I had reached out to the owner of Doggone Happy Animal Rescue about a Coonhound but he wasn’t available. Friday she asked me if I was still interested in a hound, YES! Monday I met Birdie and made her my girl. We are learning each other and will become lifelong friends.

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