2/22/2019 - Who? What?

I have never heard of Jussie Smollett or the show Empire until recent events. Here is what I found implausible:

  • What rich black man would go out in the wee hours of the morning for Subway?
  • Who would find it plausible that Chicago is "MAGA" country?  This makes me giggle.
  • Chicago? MAGA country? Seriously!
  • Why would you hire other black men to beat you up, put a noose around your neck and throw bleach on you? A. Bleach would freeze at that temperature. B. Black men don't look like white men. C. You can't buy a noose at ACE hardware, I know, I used to work there.
  • Why would you get bent out of shape because the police called it an "alleged attack"?
  • Why would you initiate this attack on your person because the fake letter you sent yourself didn't get enough press?
  • Why would you waste police resources?
  • Why would you try to start another race war?
  • Why can't you use the President's name?
  • Why won't the media shut up about this? It's just another dude lying to get attention.
  • Why did all the black 2020 candidates jump on this story as truth?

The first time I heard this it rang untrue. I'm not a detective nor do I play one on TV but I knew this dude was full of shit. Sad isn't it? Now he has to live with the consequences of his choices. BOOM!

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