2/9/2019 - Green New Deal

AOC, U.S. Representative from the Bronx (I refuse to use her name as I'm sick of hearing it) is proposing a Green New Deal. She says, like, the world is going to end in, like, 12 years if we don't address, like, climate change. I propose getting a bunch of credit cards and spending to the max as I won't have to pay for them, like, if I live another 12 years. What is so unbelievable about this is...THIS WOMAN IS FREAKING CRAZY AND PEOPLE APPLAUD HER! Cows fart lady, get over it, plus they taste great!

The Green New Deal hearkens The New Deal enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1936. The New Deal proposed to enable relief, reform and recovery from the great depression. As a conservative I believe it hurt the United States more than it helped it. It grew government by leaps and bounds and parts should have only been implemented as a temporary fix to a horrible problem. I believe the country would have rebounded on its own, after all, we are the United States!

Back to the Green New Deal...how do you pay for it? A guesstimate is $49,109 trillion in the first 10 years. $49,109,000,000,000. I'll let that sink in.

She wants the economy to run on 100% renewable energy in 10 years. When she starts walking to work or visits her constituents in the Bronx, I'll start listening.

Walleyed Cory Booker jumps on the Green New Deal bandwagon while thumping his chest...from IOWA. How did he get there? In response to how we pay for it he says if we were worried about it then, we would have never gone to the moon. If this passes (and it won't) we will never go there again. He also asked who saved the planet from the Nazi totalitarian regime...we did! Um, if we fought totalitarians why in God's name would we not fight you.

I propose the Green New Deal should be renamed to the New Communist Manifesto.

That is my op-ed for the day.

Happy anniversary Hubs, a dozen and counting.

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