2/15/2014 - Cali

Today I had the pleasure of babysitting my beautiful granddaughter Cali.  She will be 4 years old in a mere 3 weeks.  This child is smarter than I could have ever imagined.  When she was an infant her Mama, Kristin, and I were calling me "Granny" to her.  When she got older she used "GiGi", which I liked much better than Granny, so GiGi it is.  Kristin picked me up at the house because my hands have been numb for a couple days (I hate MS).  I could hear her in the car GIGI...GIGI!  Being a grandparent is so much different than being a parent.  So to say that little voice screaming my name was music to my ears, you grandparents will understand.  Her Mama was getting her hair cut so when Cali and I were alone she started orchestrating what we were going to do.  We played family for a while in which I'm always the Daddy, she's the Mommy and we have a doll baby for our baby.  We eat out a lot as a family so she must not cook. After playing we ate lunch and she went into her room and took a long nap.  Her Mama came home and we had a nice visit.  Richard and Kristin are having another baby in August so I'll be a GiGi again!  I'm excited!!  I'm blessed.

We are making a scrapbook.  This is what I got from her today to add to it.  Kristin says she is drawing stick figures too.  She's a smarty.

I have a lot of pet peeve's and I'm sure I'm no different than you are.  If you have a few either comment below or send me an email and I may mention them.

Ok, here is my newest one...there is a commercial with a mariachi band and closer to the end they have a close-up of a dude with a trumpet obviously not playing it.  Come on people, do you think we are that dumb that we can't tell that the dude isn't playing that trumpet??!!

I watch Ghost Adventures and the lead investigator is Zak Bagans.  Dude pronounces Ouija as in Ouija board with a long "O" in the beginning.  I think if you are going to use a tool you would know how to pronounce it before the show begins.

Oh, another thing, you know what burns my ass??? A flame about 3ft high. 
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And just to let you know my prediction about the snowfall from PAX was correct.  I said we would get 0-12 inches and we did...0 inches.

I've had a wonderful day and I thank God for it.  I've had some MS issues but at the end of the day I'm feeling great.


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