2/12/2014 - Old friends

I'm not a good friend.  I tell this to most of my friends because I'm not very good at keeping in contact with them. With that said my friend Sharon called me tonight. It was wonderful to hear from her.  It has probably been oh at least a year that we've talked. She is cancer free!! Praise God! She says prayer heals, honey I believe that. I don't really pray for myself, not sure about that.  I do pray for those in need.  Maybe I'll turn a few my way.

I've been a big old crybaby today.  I've hurt very bad, my emotions are on a roller coaster and I've just felt like crying ok!!?? I had gotten a bill from the Dr. in the ER at Milford that I went to last month because my head was splitting.  Well this Dr. was told I had MS and what my GP had diagnosed my headache as occipital neuralgia. He gave me Benadryl.  Yeah really.  So this bill was originally for over  $900.  My insurance paid for over $200 of it leaving me a bill of $719.  I did pay my co-pay at the ER but that wasn't enough. So I called the company this morning and cried and the lady told me to look at my insurance papers and they said I didn't have to pay and I cried again and then I think I cried for just the heck of it.  Oh, I cried when I talked to Sharon too.  My Mom used to say "The more you cry the less you pee".  Fine by me!!

We are getting a winter storm named Pax.  My prediction for snow accumulations is 0-12 inches. If it gets higher than a foot I will re-adjust then.

I have a craving for cucumbers.  Am I getting my daughters cravings? I texted her she said "Nope, just Auntie Ann's pretzels".  Now I want them AND cucumbers.

I guess today has been a big old MS day with the crying but a great crying day talking to an old friend.

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