2/11/14 - Westminster Kennel Club re-run

I was watching the dogs, which I thoroughly enjoy until BAM!! This thing came on!!
Dandie Dinsmont Terrier
Poor thing, it was this only one entered...the only one entered in the whole country...THE WHOLE COUNTRY!!  Well if this is the only one pretty enough for WKC what do the rest look like?  Shame, shame I say.

Anyway, my day you ask?  Lazy as usual.  I did take a nap today that's why I'm typing this so late because I figure I won't sleep for a while. I did take my nighttime meds but they haven't Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...j/k.

So I posted a picture yesterday, of me a few years ago, before the MS really kicked, on top of Clingmans Dome. The only other time I had climbed up there was when I was 12 or so and camping with my parents and cousins.  At that time it was summer and at that high elevation, over 6000 ft, it was misty and cloudy and going up was very slippery and I had worn sandals that were slippery anyway and I was a big old crybaby and blah, blah, blah.  So when I went to NC this time alone I knew I had to climb it just to prove I could and I did. So this flatlander of elevation 3 ft above sea level started climbing it wasn't that easy...plus the way was snow covered...oh, that was the parking lot ahem.  And then I finally got to the actual climb up to climb up to (no I'm not double typing today), you have to climb like a half mile up before you get to the climb up the dome.  Serious!  So the climb up was hard but thank God they had benches along the way where I could drag myself to to *pant* *pant* catch *pant* *pant* my *pant* *pant* breath.  I had these heavy boots on and, ok, I'm still a big old crybaby sometimes but this wasn't it.  After I thought I caught my breath enough on the first bench I walked over to this cool tree with red berries I've never seen.  The tree was barren of leaves, only the berries were left.  A young lady of oh let me say around 80 came almost jogging up the path (I hate her) and laid her hand on my back as I was still bent over heaving for air and told me that was a Mountain Ash and only grows above 5000 ft.  Then I told her where I live and that I was determined to make this climb.  She says she does it a couple times a week (still hate her).  It is so hard climbing up there when there is no oxygen to breathe.  But I made it to the top of the mountain and then on to the dome.  It was ice covered.  Yeah, great.  I'm here with these heavy boots...I'm sweating like I've run a marathon...blah, blah, blah.  I grab on to the metal hand rail and up I go 2-step-slide, it's a new dance step. But there are a few spots with no ice and someone nice has put down some salt and I make it to the top and a nice couple take my picture as I take theirs. I'm above the clouds on a beautiful day.  The day couldn't have been better.  Well, maybe with some oxygen and not having to think about the way down.

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