8/12/14 - Caramel Apple Dump Cake from Cents Less Deals

Carey's Camp is over and hopefully life returns as normal.  I said "hopefully"!!  I'm taking today off, or that is my plan, even though I only got a couple hours sleep last night (this morning).  I'm reading a book for review and have a couple more being shipped.  I told David that was my new job even though it only pays in free books.

My bff's Donna and Debbie and I were talking during Camp about "dump" cakes and how they were so easy to make.  I haven't made one in ages.  I came across this delicious looking one on Cents Less Deals and wanted to share with you all.  JB is a frugal blogger, a Mommy of 4, Christian and funny.  You'll find recipes and helpful hints on her site. Give her a look.

Now look at this beauty.  Four ingredients...I can handle that!

Oh my!!

After you make this let me know...I'll be over.

Better days are coming people, especially after you make this dump cake.

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