8/9/14 - Did you think I forgot you?

Well I haven't forgotten, just been busy with Carey's Camp.  Vacation Bible School is over and I got to sleep in this morning.  I haven't slept until 8am in ages.  It felt good.  My usual getting up time is 6am.  I can't just lay there and try and go back to sleep.

I've put some of my ripe tomatoes in the oven to roast this morning.  Not sure what I'll do with them but they will taste so good...olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano on top.  I'll pick some basil from the garden, maybe some fresh oregano and thyme and concoct something amazing.

I have had a blast this past week with Cali.  She's been so good and attended VBS every day.  Last night at the closing program, when her class came on the stage, she knew every word of her song along with the motions.  I'm so proud of her.

I'm blogging my book reviews at a new address:  Book Reviews Blogging Style.

Only two more nights of Camp.  I'll miss the fellowship with great friends and of course all the good services we've had.  What I won't miss is the dust, oh, and screaming kids!!!  I am thankful though that there are kids out there because they are our future Camp.  After 126 years we must keep looking towards the future of Camp and hopefully it's survival.

Well friends, better days are coming!


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