8/14/14 - Why am I up this early?? Caramel Apple Cinnamon Bars by Averie Cooks

I woke up at 0415, what the heck?  I had a busy day yesterday so I thought that I'd sleep better and longer. Nope!  Yesterday I got some grandkids lovin'.  Baby Nash is still so tiny but he's filling out.  He feels like a feather compared to Cali when I was rocking them both.  Cali loves her little brother and I'm sure he'll love her.  She's a great big sister.

I've got another busy day today because I'm taking Mom clothes shopping and then to get her hair done. I'm glad I rested Tuesday.  Do you call this minutiae?  Well I've got a lot of minutiae.

I am a professional reader.  I've been selected to a few sites that offer books for reviews.  I told Mom about my new job and she said "What's it pay?".  I said "Books!!", what better pay is that?  

Anyway...guess what I found?  You don't have to go to the State Fair for these babies.

Averie Sunshine has written two cookbooks that look so yummy you could eat the covers.  She's just a little thing (I don't think she eats what she bakes lol).  I'm wondering how these cooks keep so slim.  Well if you know me you can tell I like to eat and I'd like to eat these bars.  I'm not much of a summer baker so I'm getting excited for fall and winter.  When you see David and I in the spring we'll be waddling.  Give Averie a look and bake up some love.

Hey Averie, if you need a blog review of your next cookbook let me know ;)

Better days are coming...in the fall when I bake some of these.

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