8/19/14 ~ One room done and a pile of books to read

I cleaned my den yesterday and rearranged some furniture.  I've paid for it all night.

I'm not sure what it is about late summer and my stupid, stinking head.  For the past three summers the left side of my head hurts...feels funny...kinda numb...weird to touch and the left side of my face is numb.  I'm guessing the culprit is MS.  I better stop whining because I don't have any cheese to go with it.

I am now listed on The Kindle Book Review as a reviewer.  I've got a pile of books to review, well actually my pile is on my Kindle right now.  I have received a couple print books to review.  I love getting free books to review!!  I've done a few reviews already, you can check it out here.

Minutiae alert!!  I'm taking Mom's car to be serviced today.  It's a gray, cloudy day here in Slower, lower.  A great day for reading!

Better days are coming...be a sheep, not a goat (Matthew 25:32-46)

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