2/23/14 - Be One Creations

I finally finished this one.  Midway through I started the MS tremors, DISLIKE!
Photo: Ok, I took 1 like as agreeing with me so here is the first one I'm just posting here and not on etsy. It is an 8 1/2" x 11 with no space for a mat. The color of the paper is pale yellow. I didn't start the tremors until about halfway through. Starting bid is $10.00. Go for it.

David and I have had a quiet day today.  We went to McD's for lunch and it was NOT quiet, but there was a lot of activity.  I like watching people so we sit where we can.

I did our laundry today.  Not bad either, I can sit down and fold clothes.  I'm tired by the end of the day but at least I've done something for us...plus, I love the smell of bleach.

I have a friend in Iceland, Kristinn Eysteinsson, he found me on Facebook.  I'm so glad we can keep in touch again.  I went there once for several days and oh my goodness, the part of the country I saw was beautiful.

The Be One Creations part...
After a very bad flare I had an inspiration...to be an inspiration, that's where the Be One came from. I figure there are thousands of people out there fighting the same fight I am.

Be One means you can be one, an inspiration, a muse, an encourager, a friend, a supporter and at times a lifeline.

I have been doodling to do something with my hands as I can't sit still. Mind you, I don't have the energy to get up and do things I want/need to do.

So on every piece I do there is a Bee with the B1 next to it.  Sometimes you have to search for it, sometimes you don't.  Also in every picture there is my granddaughter's Cali's name.  Now that is a little harder to find.  A friend of mine's granddaughter uses my pictures as almost a treasure hunt to find Cali's name.  I am so excited to say come August I will be putting another name on my pictures as Cali will become a big sister.  She told me that I will always be her GiGi.  I'm happy about that.

Well, my eyes are sleepy, yeah, I know it's only 4:38pm.

Better days are coming.

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