2/9/14 - And so it begins...

I don't understand why it takes me so long to do things.  It seems like it took forever to create this blog just to tell you this.  Anyway...
If you don't know me I'm Dawn and for now I live in Delaware and I have Multiple Sclerosis (otherwise known as MS).  Some days I'll have a lot to say and some days I'll forget you even exist.  Don't feel bad, it's the drugs.

I was diagnosed with MS December 2013 but one of my doctor's says it may have been around since my 30's, you know, a couple years ago..BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, I'm 55 and I ain't afraid to say it.  I'm going to my third neurologist next month, he is the only one that specializes in MS in DE.  The only problem is he is in Newark, 100 miles away.  But for me that isn't a problem as I'm sick of this crap of knowing more about it than my neuro.

Ok, enough for today because I'm exhausted from getting this started.


  1. Good for you! I'm glad you are writing your story. And the story will be even better when your home sells and you are telling your story from the road! I'll be a follower of your story for sure!


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