2/10/14 - The reason for the blog

Yesterday when I started the blog I had a reason, I really did.  This may be too graphic for some of you, you have been warned.  MS is the damage of nerves in your brain and spinal cord and more or less specific nerves. Sometimes all of us will have damaged nerves that effect (I had to ask David about the "affect"/"effect" thing) urinating.  It takes a while (sometimes minutes) to start urinating and I will take a position on the toilet of elbows on knees, hands on face with eyes closed concentrating.  Yesterday. one of the times I was assuming the position four very concerned black ladies came to me with a lot of words of encouragement and I started to urinate, no problem, opened my eyes and they were gone.  Later in the day, I assumed the position again and two very scared white women came to me in my mind very worried without any encouragement at all, needless to say it took a while to urinate.  Sometimes I have these short movies or plays or whatever you would call them, sometimes nothing. This is the reason I wanted to start the blog is the weird crap that goes on in my mind.  Right now I am having this weird shit of my left hand wanting to double click everything which isn't cool because almost every letter it types has been doubled.  Gonna try one of my pain pills that I haven't taken and see if that will help.

Ok, I'm back, left hand still jumping but not as bad.  I've got some things marked off my "to do" list.  My brother Mike texted me this morning to throw the "to do" list away.  He checks on me every morning via text.  Love him.

When I take all the meds I'm supposed to at night I can have some vivid dreams. This morning I woke myself up laughing pretty hard because in the dream Barbara and I were laughing really hard at work.  Barbara and I worked together 22 of my 25 years.  We had so many good times.  We went through good times and bad times together and raised our kids together.  She was closer to being a sister than I think a sister would have been.  When she laughed I laughed, when she cried I cried.

David made my lunch today...baked chicken and potatoes.  I do not know what I would do without him, he takes care of me and I thank God every day that he is here.

I may be jumping all around today but I'm feeling a bit chaotic, plus Swamp People is on.  So, I might post more later but we'll see. 

I'll tell you about this picture which was taken almost 4 years ago.

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