2/26/14 - Devil fingers

Good afternoon friends and family.  Even with my tremor meds I'm shaking and kicking and I don't like it.  My devil finger has unsubscribed from something MS related...cool.  I have a Carey's Camp Committee meeting tonight.  This will be the first time my friends will see me jerking and snatching. It would take really close friends to put up with me.  I think they are.  Anyway...

I took a nap this morning and it was snowing and there was snow on the ground, I woke up and it wasn't and the snow was gone.  That stinks.  I really don't have much to talk about, I should let my devil finger talk...ok, here goes.

If your happy and you know it ckap your hands. ckalp ckap, if your happy and you know it ckalp your hands, ahop cyop, if your happy and you knaow it theyn your life will realely show it if your happy and you knowit ckapy oyr hands clap clap!

See, devil finger.

Please pray for my devil fingers and my kicking legs.


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