2/18/14 - Aunt D, Uncle Sam & Tremors

I have a date with my Uncle today, at least I have a date with H&R Block today...Oy!.  I'm hoping and praying I don't owe my Uncle anything, I think I've paid him enough.

On Mondays my Aunt D (Dolores) holds a Bible study.  She normally has it at her house in Georgetown.  Yesterday they held it at Mom's house behind me.  Yesterday I woke up around 6:30 and had taken my meds and had MS tremors really bad.  I had taken a nap from around 9 until 10:30.  My phone was right by my head and had rung twice and I hadn't heard my Mom's calls.  She had left a message that they wanted me to come over but would be done around 11.  I called around 10:40 and Mom said come over. Let me tell you a little something before I finish my story.  Starting 1985 through 1994 about every other year I had to have a lump removed from my right breast, that is until my Aunt D prayed for me and God healed me.  Thank God they all had been benign but they stopped when Aunt D laid her hand on my breast and prayed. Ok, back to yesterday, the Bible study ladies were Aunt D, Mom, Eva and Bernice.  I sat down, Bernice put a cross of oil on my forehead and they all put their hands on me and I felt my Mothers hands on my head and my Aunt D prayed for my healing.  I believe in healing.  I know they continue to pray, I hope you will also pray.  I pray they find the reason for MS, once they find the cause then they can get rid of this crap.

It took me so long to type that paragraph because of the tremors.  They have made me type many more characters than I really need.

Uncle Sam wasn't that bad to me this year, he gave me a few dollars back.  The state of Delaware can kiss my hiney though.  It seems every year my state taxes go up.  I have to pay twice as much as I did last year.

My husband cooked a roast beef today and we are using it to just pick on.  He just made me a roast beef sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise.  Oh my, it was so good.  Now I need a nap.  He is becoming a really good cook.  I tell him what to do and he does it and it turns out great.  Sometimes I get out there and cook and sit while I'm doing it, sometimes I don't need to sit.  A friend used to tell me...

Better days are coming.

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