2/24/14 - A day to remember

When I think back to today I'll probably not really remember it but it has been one awesome day.  I have been talking to a friend of mine all day about me questioning God about many things especially my MS.  I have a lot of Whys?  But I really found out that the questions should have been turned around to me with a lot of whys?  That's where I have become the failure in this relationship between me and God, not the other way around.  So I have a few things to do to make it right again.  One major thing is to get back into His word and then the rest will fall back into place.  Thank you friend. ;)

I got some good new from the neurologist this afternoon.  He called in a prescription to settle the tremors down.  Thank God, that stuff was driving me crazy.  It was hard to type or do anything with my hands for fingers.  It hasn't gone away but it sure has calmed down a lot.

I'm asking my praying friends and family to ramp it up.  I've been seeing things that aren't there and that really scares me.  I see a neurologist that specializes in MS the middle of next month.  I always knew I was a little crazy.
David cooked chicken on the grill today MMMMmmmmmmm is all I can say.  I just finished off my extra piece and it was still good cold.

Hey....better days are coming.

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