11/1/16 - It's David Kyle's birthday

Well, my hubs turns 66 today.  I don't often write about David but I'll take the opportunity of his birthday to do that.

To say we've had our ups and downs would be an understatement.  We separated for a couple years but even during that time he had our marriage front and center in his life.  He still paid bills and often sent extra money for things we needed, especially Cali.  Cali and Kristin was living with me and we often needed things for her that there really wasn't money for.  Not only that, he would send money to help Meghan out.  There was quite turmoil in our house with my daughters and David.  They flat out didn't like him.  That feeling probably hasn't changed much, but such is life.

While we were separated my Fibromyalgia and newly diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis was raging in my body.  We talked on the phone, more so at the end of our separated time.  He was determined to come home.  He never wanted to leave in the first place but for my sanity and my household sanity, it had to happen.  I had worked at DSSP the summer before he came home and it was horrible.  I was in terrible pain all summer.  I'd work some overtime to make some extra money but it was killing me to do it.  I was doing this because I wanted Kristin to stay home with Cali as long as she possibly could.  I just don't think anyone knew how hard it was for me to do it.  When you have an invisible illness it's just easier to plaster on a smile, say you're okay and move on.  The only person that really knew what I was going through was David, and it was killing him.  Very long story short, before I started work the next summer at DSSP, David came home.  Everyone at home left without understanding.

David has been my hero since coming back home.  He has taken care of me through C. diff when I was near death.  He has watched as these stupid diseases of Fibromyalgia and MS has attacked my body and has rendered me bedridden many times.  He has taken over most of the household duties that I should be doing; groceries, laundry, sometimes cooking and cleaning.  Most of the time he has taken me to doctor visits, to get MRI's and any other thing that requires driving.  When my legs hurt, he massages them.  When I get depressed, he supports me.  When I need, he prays over me.  There is nothing he won't do for me (except get my smokes).

I love you David Kyle, for all of the above and so much more.  Today you shall have oatmeal-raisin cookies for your birthday.

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