11/25/16 - A day in bed with Dawn

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Richard and Kristin, Mike and Kathy and of course Cali and Nash.  The dinner was awesome, everything tasted so good.  The only thing that could have made it better was if Meghan was there.  I miss that girl so much.  It is very hard to go through holidays without her.  It's not fair that Texas is so far away.  I wish Delaware was where Louisiana is.

Now for your entertaining pleasure, a day in bed with Dawn 😉

Yesterday I had a few things to make so I was up on my feet a lot.  Then after dinner I helped with dishes because I can't just sit there like I'm company.  When we got home my body hurt so bad that if I could cry (anti-depressants), I would.  I went to bed early with some pain meds in my gut and a vow that if I didn't feel better in the morning I was going to stay in bed and recoup.  I surely didn't have plans to go Black Friday shopping, except to do it online. 

So...here you are spending time in bed with me.  I know most of you would love that anyway...Heehee.  What to do?  We could watch a movie.  We could play a guessing game...I spy with my little eye.  We could read.  You could read to me.  Only David is allowed to rub my legs so you can't do that.  We could nap.  We could pray.  You could bring me stuff to eat.  Hey, this is sounding better as we go along.

My bottom line and all kidding aside, Multiple Sclerosis hurts, fibromyalgia hurts.  I can't separate the pain, I just know that they hurt and they hurt bad.  This will wear you down and wear you out.  It takes so much effort just to act like I'm ok.  When I say "I'm ok." I'm not.  I'm sparing you from hearing how bad I'm in pain.  I'm not looking for sympathy nor am I looking for another "cure".  I know most people only care to the point that it affects them.  So if you don't care, I get it.  I'll keep smearing on the smiling face and go on with life.

A request from me, if you have any extra pocket change after your Black Friday shopping please join in to #givingTuesday.


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