11/5/16 - Beautiful places I've been

I have been blessed to be able to visit some beautiful places in my lifetime.  I hope and pray that I will long be able to continue travelling our wonderful country.

As a child my parents and I and my cousin's family have travelled and camped at some wonderful locations.  We've been to Niagara Falls, the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Finger Lakes and gorges, Okefenokee Swamp, Jekyll Island, Ontario, Canada (before there was a need for a passport), Shenandoah Valley, Maggie Valley, Cypress Gardens (bored), and of course we went to see Mickey Mouse at Disney World and Shamu at Sea World.

I've been to some alluring (had to find something different than "beautiful") places on my own.  I took a trip to Cherokee, North Carolina and I've also been to Iceland, which was ravishing.

David and I have been to some beautiful (tired of seeing that word yet?) places.  We hope to continue this too.  We've travelled mainly the southwest states; Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  He told me before we went there that I wouldn't want to come back to Delaware, even though I argued the fact, he was right (which I hate to admit that sometimes he is).

If I can, I'm going to try to break it down into my top 10.

1.   Grand Canyon, Arizona
2.   Big Bend, Texas
3.   Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
4.   White Sands, New Mexico
5.   Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina
6.   Skyline Drive, Virginia
7.   Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
8.   San Antonio, Texas
9.   Geysir, Iceland
10. Reykjavik, Iceland

In later blog posts I will post personal pictures of each place.  My top 10 might have to be expanded to a top 20.  Until then...better days are coming.

Just a little taste of the Grand Canyon


  1. An interesting list, because Iceland is on my bucket list. I've never been outside the North American continent. I will wish only the best for you. My late best friend's younger sister has had MS for years.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and thoughtful wish. I have too many people in my life that suffer along with my with MS. I pray for a cause and a cure.


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