11/14/16 - On the eve of my birthday

On the eve of my birthday 24 years ago my Daddy passed away.  He slipped the bonds of this painful world and went to a paradise where we are promised no more tears or pain.  He will always be "my Daddy".  I don't care how old I am, that's his forever title.  My Daddy was a hard-working man.  All his adult life he provided for his family, no matter what.  Even after an accident that may have killed someone less strong, he fought back, so he could once again provide for his family. 
Image result for man bunsI wonder what my Daddy would think of the world we live in.  In a world where homosexuality abounds, even in our pulpit.  In a world where "Housewives of..." are screeching at each other like middle schoolers, AND are even taking up our airwaves, I wonder what he would think.  In a world of "man buns" where it seems men have been emasculated to the point of them not having a strong identity, I wonder what he would think.

I wonder what he would think of a world where we watch every move people like this make. 

A world where we need "safe spaces", our blankies and our pacifiers because our presidential candidate didn't win.  A world where a sleaze like thisImage result for beyonce at cma makes money from singing and not prostitution.

In the past 24 years a lot has happened, not all bad.  When you face a milestone, like today, I hope to look for the good.  My grandbabies are the sweetest in the world, my daughters have grown up to be outstanding young women and my life couldn't be much better.  I thank God for the good things,  I praise Him through the bad.  I pray for a better world for my family and I am so thankful that God made Harley Dukes my Daddy.

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