11/13/16 - Hillary is inconsequential

The election is over, thank God, but the whining continues.  If your candidate lost, pull up your adult panties and get over it.  If your candidate won, pull up your adult panties and keep this movement going.  The reason you got out to vote was simple; you either wanted to see a change in the status quo of Washington, DC politics or you wanted no change.  Obviously, most of us wanted to see a change.  We've been called racists, xenophobic, homophobic and countless other 'ic's.  I didn't even know what xenophobic was until this election cycle.  All of those names are based on fear, I'm not fearful of people from other countries, just the ones that want to kill me.  I'm not afraid of homosexuals, I'm not afraid of people that are of another race.  I love them all.

In a way I feel sorry for those that voted for Hillary and those that support her.  I think they were shoveled a pile of shit and told that it was a pile of money.  They were shoveled lies and told that it was truth.  They were shoveled cover-ups and told they were exonerated.  They were continuously lied to, not only by Hillary but by the main-stream media (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.).  The FBI found no reason to suggest an indictment even though their Director, under oath, said that she had lied under oath.  She left an opportunity for hackers to gain insight to classified information.  What part of all of those things didn't they see?  Is this what you wanted to see in the White House?  Haven't you had enough?

Well I have, and a lot of other people like me have.

The icing on the cake would be if Trey Gowdy has his way and Hillary is indicted, convicted and sent away for a very long time.  You know what would be even better, if Bill is thrown in there with the Clinton Foundation.

How do you like me now?



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