3/10/14 - Oh What A Beautiful Morning...

Oh What A Beautiful Day.  Sound good don't I?  Much better when you are there and I am here.  Hee hee.  Since I fell, over a week ago, and wrenched my left knee it has felt better to sleep in the recliner.  I think it's because it limits me turning over and over.  So anyway...last night I tried the bed again.  Started on my back with knee slightly up, ouch.  Then to left side, not bad but my dang right leg wanted to sleep on top of my left leg and just would NOT listen when I told it to get off so back to the recliner.  By then all the medicine that was to make me drowsy and not hurt was worn off and it was 7:30.  What was I to do?  Well in 3 hours I can take another med.  I could always go down one of google's rabbit holes...come on!  I'm not preaching to the choir here, seriously, google wallet??!!  Ok, I better stop.  So I head to my favorite "The Help" on Audible and I'll start it at the beginning. I think I was awake until around 3ish.  Hmmmm...is "ish" outish?  I should think about these things at 1 - 3 am.  But no, I'm listening to "The Help" for the umpteenth time.
My Dad used to work at H.E. Williams & Co. in Millsboro and I can see the elevator from my recliner.  It has a couple lights on the top.  It used to have a star on top for Christmas.  Anyway, last night, the two lights pointed at me and blinked twice.  No I'm not crazy (I first wrote that without the word "not").  Freaky, huh?  I'll let you know if it happens again tonight.  My Dad has always blinked lights at me and the girls but this is way big!!

Poor, poor Adam Levine, he still suffers *sob* from *sniff* from *voice cracks* acne.  Give me a break.  There are girls fighting around you bub so shuddup!! I say those "fight like a girl" cancer club girls should come beat the crap out of his sissy ass.  Oops, the devil finger came back. 

Better watch what Daffy say...Shaddup!!
I better hit the recliner and listen to more of The Help, it's 8:24 pm.


  1. Well now, you and I both know you were to end up in the recliner in order to see "The Light" ;) Love you dumplin!

    1. I wanna be in the The Light!
      Love you too La.


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