3/16/14 - Laundry Day!! Woohoo!!

I'm not crazy, I love to do laundry.  I love the sound of the washer chugging away.  I love the feeling of the humidity of the dryer.  No seriously...I do!!  I can do chores here and there, not much but I can do all the laundry.  I can sit down and fold the clothes and then I can stand long enough to put the clothes in the washer, or dryer, or closet, or chest-of-drawers.  The only bad thing this morning, I don't have any more detergent.  I know I'll get some very soon.

I haven't been driving since around Christmas.  I saw a description which really fit my left eye.  It's like looking through a water falls.  No doctor has told me to stop but it just scares me to drive.  I'm sure in an emergency, local, I could do it.  It's ok if I'm familiar with the roads.  If I'm not I can not read the signs.  I go to the ophthalmologist next week, we'll see.

Tomorrow is the day of the reveal.  It's when I find out if I'm going to have another granddaughter to spoil or if I've got a grandson to be rough with...I mean later on...duh.  I'm very excited.  So it better not snow, no snow!!!  I've been praying, no snow.  My praying friends...no snow!!  She's got to be able to get to Dover to be able to see what's between those little legs...garsh!  I'm posting this early so you can be praying all day.  It's not hard.  Dear Heavenly Father, we humbly ask that there be no snow in Delaware tonight or tomorrow.  We thank you in Jesus' name. Amen.  Not hard right?  Now KEEP DOING IT!!

Better days are coming.

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