3/1/14 - Bestie LaDonna

I've told you I was not a good friend well by the help of a text we got together for lunch yesterday.  Donna is one of my "besties" there were 5 of us but now we are going to add David.  I told you how crazy I was now with the MS and how it messes up my brain, it doesn't help my memory...Anyway...
We hugged, our eyes leaked, we laughed, I met Donna's son-in-law to be, we caught up one year in 2 hours in Georgia House until my legs started acting up.  I'm glad David trusted you with me.

It was the best time.
It was like old times.
It was like new times.
We agreed grandkids a special.
I'm glad we still get each other or they'd take us to the crazy farm.
No matter how long it's been, you gotta friend in me.


  1. Love you too Dawn-e-dumplin! Beasties forever!

  2. It was great seeing you and I'm glad you finally got to meet part of my new family! I have been bless with a wonderful man and two daughters to add to mine and P's family.

    1. I pray your new family is blessed together. It was nice seeing you again.
      Love ya sweetie.


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