3/25/14 - Snow...again

Oh my gosh!!  It's snowing again.  But we can expect snow at least up until the middle of May.  I've seen snow the middle of April enough to fill up tulip cups.  At the time the sweet peas (flower) had bloomed.  Even though the calendar says spring, it still may snow.  Wow, I'm being a grumpy gills, sorry.

I went to my pain management today and I was doing great with what he has me on and I am thoroughly pleased at finally being out of pain.  Thank God!!  The Doctor said before he got me out of pain to give him a goal of 4 things.  I said 1. Babysit Cali. 2. Walk on the beach. 3. Read a book 4. Climb the Indian River Bridge.  I've been reading, went to Towers but didn't walk on the beach yet, the weather has kept me from the bridge (and a few other things) and I can't wait for my Cali when I'm a little stronger and not falling.  

I have blood work tomorrow so this will be one piece of the pie for the neurologist to help me with this MS.

I'm going to Bible Study tomorrow night at Dagsboro Church of God.  It's been a long time since I've been to church.  I'll leave it at that for now.

For those of you around here...I hope you got your bread, milk and tp.

Better days are coming. (maybe without snow)

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