3/29/14 - Somewhere out there

My daffodils have bloomed!!  That means I've missed my crocus.  I loved them, they would just came up all helter skelter in my back yard.  Which reminds me (helter skelter reminds me of California which reminds me of earthquakes which reminds me of) I had another earthquake leg spasms today and then me knee got stuck until the end of the quake.  This one really hurt.  Yes, I'm calling the Dr. on Monday.

I don't think Saturdays are supposed to be rainy are they?  I think it should rain at night, that way we would have nice sunny day time and we'd get our vitamin D.  I'm pretty much rambling today, I'm missing my baby Gem.  I haven't seen her in a while.

My bestie brought me over a blessing, a salve and some of the most precious things I've seen in a long time.  Miss T's 1st grade class at Lighthouse Christian School prayed for me and then made me cards.  Each of the cards said "Dawn, God loves you" and they were signed by the designer with love and included a scripture.  Now they are a blessing for me and a salve for my heart.  I believe God looks down tenderly on the brokenhearted.  

Look how that bee has gone all over and the other bee has his head all the way in that tulip with his hiney up.
This one is amazing for 1st grade, baby birds waiting for worms that mommy bird is bringing and more and more.

A beautiful rainbow and lovely butterflies and flowers.  
These wonderful children have blessed me.  The cards are a warm blessing, the scripture surely is a blessing, the loving regards are a blessing and it was a blessing that they were prayed over.  This is only a few of the cards I can look over and over again.  I am also blessed to have a bestie that works at LCS, thank you Donna.

Better days are coming.

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