3/13/14 - It's colder than a..

Remember it was 67 yesterday, it's 27 this morning with the wind chill of 14.  I'm cold, thank God I'm not homeless, my heart goes out to them.  I guess I could be.  Really, who of us could take in a couple extra people in their house, now, who would take a couple extra people?   Tough one huh?

I believe this guy would have done it, I believe he would have offered a place to a homeless family.  That's my Daddy that passed away in 1992, that's me and I'd say I was around 16 or 17ish and I believe we were at Cypress Gardens, FL.

My cousin Cara and her parents were on this trip with their camper.  Even though we were in Florida, we were there in February for my parents anniversary on the 2nd.

We made it to Kissimmee at a KOA.  This was before this area was built up, only a couple years after Disney World had been built.  This KOA had live orange trees and my Dad would shake the crap out of them and we would pick up the ripe fruit.  You'll never find any like that at any super market.

They had an open swimming pool.  The air temperature was barely in the 70's, ok 65ish and the pool water temperature was about the same.  So Cara and I got on our bathing suits and we got our Mom's to get their camera's ready to take the pictures.  We took off our sweatshirts and jumped in the water and they took some pictures.  Awesome!  I'm sure Mom has some of those pictures in one of her scrapbooks.  We got out of there fast before frostbite attacked our legs and feet.  But since we were in Florida I wanted my friends to know I went swimming while they were freezing in Delaware.

It was great camping in my youth.

My neighbor Cathy just text me with closet door trouble.  It seems when we are together it's comic relief.  She said the door was stuck.  So I brought over my little wonder bar tool and a screw driver kit.  She had taken off the doorknob, I asked her where the other side went, she said it dropped down on the floor.  So we had to tear apart the innards and then the door came open.  It's scary when we're together but we got the job done.

Remember, better days are coming.

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