12/12/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 12 - Mumps

When my brothers had mumps I was so chubby that they couldn't tell if I did.

Look at that smooshy face!  I think if I looked through some stuff in the basement I would probably find that bedspread.  Mom said she had to sleep holding my hand through the crib.  I bet her arm got cold.  Such the spoiled baby.  But who could help it, look at that smooshy face!

At the time, I think, the only way to tell if you had mumps was a swollen jaw or neck.  Yup, I had both.  If my doctor asked me if I had mumps I'd tell them probably, well maybe, who knows, I was smooshy!

I changed my template today.  I wanted something a little different.  Blogger is limited on their templates and especially on their fonts.

I think I'll find some different fonts and use them.  I think I can edit my html code for that.  If I screw it up, it's been nice knowing you.
What do you want to write for tomorrow?  How cute my smooshy face is?  Go ahead then.
Writing prompt for 12/13/16
Write about how cute my smooshy face is.
Write about how cute your smooshy face is.
Hey, keep it real babe.

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