12/31/16 - DaDecBloPoMo final day - 2017, here we come!

The last day of 2016, a day to reflect, remember, burn, cherish and get over.  I'm ready, are you? 

When I look back on 2016 I have so many memories to cherish.  I know if I named them I would forget some very important ones.  That's how it is with MS, you remember crap you don't want to and forget cherished things you do want to. 

I have many things to be thankful for.  My Meghan, even though she is far away, she's close to my heart.  My Kristin, always there for me when I need her, she's always been tenderhearted.  My Richard, even though I didn't born him, he is my son nonetheless.  My Cali, my first grandbaby and the love of my life.  My Nash, my first grandson and my sweet little man.  My David, always strong, always there and always supporting me and loving me even when I'm crabby (most of the time).

I am so thankful for friends that are as close as family.  Sheila, Linda, Debbie & Rick, Donna & Randy, Janis & Mike, Rebecca & Allen.  They are my glue that holds me together.  If you ever need comic review, watch Patrick and Haley together.

And family, Uncle Bill & Aunt D, Timmy & Andrea.  What you are going through, right now, will affect the rest of your life, cherish every moment.

And all of you.  If I know you, thank you.  If I don't know you, thank you.

Well...see ya next year.

Image result for Cartoon Lipslove y'all.

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