12/15/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 15 - It's colder than a...

Dear Lord it's cold!  It's so cold Jack Frost wants to come in and warm up.  It's colder than a well diggers hiney (g-rated).  It's colder than a witch's titty.  Is it cold enough for you? (I hate that one and it's summer brother). 


Can you tell I'm cold?  My body hates extremes and today feels pretty extreme.  I'm pretty sore from yesterday.  I did too much.  I washed dishes, lit the pilot in the heater on the porch AND cooked dinner.  My legs are paying for it today.  It's a good day to snuggle in a blankie and watch tv.  Although, I'm listening to a good book on Audible.  Decisions, decisions...the struggle is real.
Anyway, what's your go to cold saying? 
Another task I have for you:  Please tell me something good that has happened to you recently.  It seems that all is bad and I can't find any good.  Give it up! 

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  1. Something good that happened to me recently is that the demo program I made and submitted to Gospel Channel here in Iceland was accepted. I've recorded 6 half-hour programs and am working on more. They will be shown starting with the new year, and are called "Gömlu Göturnar" (The Ancient Paths). I'm going to be famous! :) Even if you don't understand me (who does?), you can watch me online at www.gospel.tv.


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