12/9/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 9 - Dan Gaffney plus I got dots

Yesterday I asked my radio host friend, Dan Gaffney, if he would plug my blog.  He did and wow, my readership jumped.  I enjoy listening to him on the radio.  You can stream it here.  He's the best in slower, lower Delaware.  Like his Facebook page and you can watch him live Monday - Thursday.

I was talking to Kristin yesterday about my hashtags.  She doesn't like #keepDawnweird, she likes my #Igotdots better.  So, I'm letting you decide.  Take the poll, whatcha think?

When I say #Igotdots I mean that when you see my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on a MRI it shows up as white dots.  I am a #MSBeast because I survive, day by day, with pain.

Ok, let your voice be heard.

Image result for big hugto Dan Gaffney.


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