12/4/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 4 - When did back-up singers become back-up dancers?

When I see modern singers have all these elaborate back-up dancers I find it odd.  Just sit objectively and watch, say a BeyoncĂ© (even though I can't stand the chick and I wish she would fall off the edge of the earth) sing and dance.  Pay close attention to the back-up dancers.  Does that not look ridiculous to you?  Could she not do this routine without the other dancers?

Her dance moves are ridiculous enough but those other girls, queer.  And when I say "queer" I mean odd.

Now on the other hand...

They don't need no stinking back-up dancers.

One example of how I #keepDawnweird.  Some things just strike me as queer.  I have quite a few.

Here are your writing prompts for 12/5/16:

Write about something you think is odd or queer.


Post a video of you being odd or something you think is odd.

Don't be afraid to write.  You know you have it in you.  Remember to post back here or in a response on my Facebook page.


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