12/5/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 5 - Brain dump part 2

I need to wrap presents.  I need to cook dinner tonight...ugh.  Why do people hate Mondays so much?  Why do I hate Mondays so much?  Why did it have to rain today?  I really hate rain.  I really hate rain on Mondays.  I need to straighten up my house...badly.  All I have to do is take a little piece at a time, like eating an elephant.  Why does my hope chest, which is really my desk from the couch, look worse today and I cleaned it up yesterday?  I still can't put my laptop on it.  Maybe I'll clean off my real desk today and be able to write from there.  Why haven't I started my book yet?  I need to speak with someone from the TSA and ask them about bringing my Copaxone in my carry on when I go see Meghan.  I need to make a list of things to bring to Texas.  I need to make tea.  I see a shrink tomorrow.  I really wish I didn't have to drive myself there but it's one of those things.  I'm a paper hoarder.  Actually a tablet hoarder.  If you saw my bedroom you would be astonished at how many tablets and paper I have.  I've lost a salt shaker.  That drives me crazy when I can't find something.  How do you lose a salt shaker?  It normally takes an hour, at the least, to write a blog post.  David's home.  I need to get up from here and do something.  Rain hurts.  I have new neighbors; Brendan and Tricia.  He is from Ireland and has that cool accent.  Ok, now I'm stretching, my brain is dumped.

Writing prompts for 12/6/16

Write your brain dump.


What do you love most about writing?


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