12/10/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 10 - Donald J. Trump

So I'm testing keyword searches.  I figure I'd jump on the bandwagon of talking about Donald J. Trump.  Donald J. Trump will be sworn in in a little over a month.  I will be at Meghan's when he is.  I don't know if we will watch Donald J. Trump be sworn in as the 45th POTUS.  Donald J. Trump says "yuge" instead of "huge".  Funny huh?


Last night while I was flipping through the channels I stopped on Hardball with Chris Matthews.  I will watch him for a few minutes because his mouth is straight across and looks like a puppet.  While watching him, his cell phone rang twice.  Seriously!  I heard it.  Here is the YouTube from last nights broadcast.  Skip to 12:35 and then the second time is 13:09.  Turn the volume up.  Seriously!  It made me LOL.  Wouldn't a "news caster" either turn his cell phone off OR at least silence it?  COME ON!

So far #Igotdots is winning for my hashtag.  So start using it!  Just put it anywhere you are posting.  Lets get it trending.

Writing prompt for 12/11/16:

Post a YouTube video of something you think is funny.


Do you watch YouTube often?  Post one of your subscribed channels.

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