12/6/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 6 - Urination

A nation in which we all belong.  Made ya look. Bahahahaha.....

Today I go see a shrink.  It's all a part of the decision if I get disability or not.  I know I'm crazy, I got dots for God's sake!  #igotdots  But of all the things wrong with me they send me to a shrink?!  I would think they would send me to a neurologist or to have another MRI.  But a shrink?!?  COME ON!! 

I hope he doesn't ask me to remember something and then ask me to repeat it later.  I can't do that.  And I hope he doesn't do spots tests, who the hell knows what they are.  This one looks like some sort of mask.

I'm kinda nervous.  The Dr. called me last night to confirm and he sounded okay over the phone but you know most of the shrinks are crazy.  That's why they went into that field to start with, to see what's wrong with them.

I'll find out around 1530 just how crazy this dude is.  I, I'm sure, will walk away with a gold star because I've colored the papers purty.

So pray that he'll see I'm crazy or whatever he's looking for.  Think crazy!

Today's new hashtag:  #keepDawncrazy

Ok, here is your writing prompt for tomorrow, 12/7/16.

Do you have a crazy friend and if so write about them.  You don't need to mention names, they know they are crazy.


Describe a time in your life where you felt crazy.


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