12/17/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 17 - Story time

Once upon a time...

I just got back from Richard and Kristin's while they took their car to the shop.  Since it's raining, that means that Ranger the crazy dog was in the house, both kids still in their jammies and the cats roaming around.  Cali and I doodled and then Nash realized his Mommy was gone and cried for her until GiGi picked him up and loved on him.  Nash plays with my hair, I love that.  Tomorrow is Kristin's XXX birthday.  The doctor that delivered her Daddy also delivered her, he was close to retirement by this time.  I had to tell that story, Kristin has heard it a million times but I had an audience with Richard and maybe Cali.  Richard has probably heard it a few times but Cali may have heard it for the first time.  I don't really think she knows the process of having a baby so she may not have understood the doctor's role.

When I was born I was already a month and a half late.  They sure wouldn't let that happen now.  I was due October 1st and made my entrance November 15th.  When Mom and Dad got to the hospital it was time to get going.  I may be stubborn but I'm also persistent.  There was no time to wait, the doctor wasn't there, a nurse ended up delivering me.

When it was time for Meghan to come into the world I had called her Daddy at work and told him.  Working at the Fire Board, he had to find someone to come in to cover for him.  When he finally got home...I was in the shower shaving my legs.  He ran up the stairs to find me and found it really odd that I was shaving my legs.  If you are a mother you know what it means to "try" to shave your legs when you have a baby in your belly.  He asked me why I was doing that and I told him I didn't want any doctor or nurse to see my hairy legs.  Everything came out alright with Meghan with one exception, she was born on April 17th at 4:15.  She couldn't have waited two more minutes to be 4:17?  Nope, she was obdurate.

Do you tell your children or your family your story?  Most of the time your story becomes their story.  I think we all have a story to tell to someone, do it today.

Writing prompt:

Tell a loved one a story they may not have heard.


Tell me that story, I'll listen.

Hey, I love y'all.  You know that right?

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