12/27/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 27 - Cali and Nash

I get to watch my two beautiful grandbabies. This morning they are playing so nice together.

And then they woke up...

Cali trying to color in MY coloring book.

Nash has put The Avengers to sleep.

Cali playing with Nash's toys, Nash playing with Cali's toys, both yelling at each other because of that.

Dancing together. Remind me tomorrow why my arms and legs hurt more than usual.

Cali giving a Barbie a bath, GiGi had to fuss at her about that. It's only 0828.

One cat removed from Christmas tree.

Now they are dinosaurs, swimming kind.


Playing outside in their jammies.

Jumping on couch cushions.

Napping Nash.

Cali on kindle.

GiGi beat!

No More later

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