12/29/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 29 - Top 5 phrases that will drive you (me) crazy

There are certain phrases, that if you heard them several times, will drive you crazy.  It's just a bunch of words jammed together, very innocuous, right?  Some of these words you use over and over in other verbal communications.  However, if these jammed up words form certain phrases, the nails are scrapping the blackboard.

I'll give you my top 5 and see if any of them match with yours.

5.  "Melt in your mouth."  People will say this, even if what they are eating would never melt in ones mouth.  "Oh, that steak will melt in your mouth."  Not really, no.

4.  "Tastes like Heaven."  Another food description that drives me crazier.  I don't think there is anyone alive today that could say that.

3.  "Could have been a lot worse."  Well, duh.  Every situation in life could be a lot worse. Every.one.of.them!

2.  "You don't look sick."  Well, you don't look stupid.  If I looked that way I felt, well, it would be ugly.

and the number one irritate phrase...

1.  "Is it hot/cold enough for you?"  This phrase will normally come out of an older person's mouth.  It comes in a hot/cold weather streak.  It could be 105 degrees with 100% humidity and someone will ask if it's hot enough for you.  Well no, no it's not, I'd like it a bit hotter.  Sheesh!

How does that measure up to your list?  Give me a few of yours.

Image result for kissing lipsLove y'all.


  1. "It's not my job"... hated that saying at work, hate to hear kids say it.


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