12/2/16 - DaDecBloPoMo - #keepDawnweird

I don't need no stinking National blog month to post every day, I've made my own.  DaDecBloPoMo

Dawn's December Blog Post Month

Grab a blog and join.  If you already have a blog, use DaDecBloPoMo in your tagline plus include #keepDawnweird, I'll tell you why later.

Since we are already at day two of December you can jump in any time.  Today blog about the first thing that popped in your head when you read this.  Each day I'll post a writing prompt for the next day.  Dig it?

Once you have posted in your blog, come back here and post the link in the comments.  I'm going to create a cool badge that you can use on your blog.

Tomorrow's prompts - 12/3/16

She was reading a romance novel on the beach when suddenly a shadow fell across her page...


Describe your favorite flavor of ice cream in different terms e.g., chocolate = sky, vanilla = water, etc.


Write about the best birthday present you ever received.

Self-promotion is something I do naturally.  If you want my help, email me:  dawn.lewis.texas@gmail.com

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