12/8/16 - DaDecBloPoMo day 8 - The Mighty

I submitted my story to The Mighty and they turned me down.  What the heck?  I have a couple of their diseases.  I say let the community decide.  Maybe the story I have could encourage someone, inspire someone or even bring a smile.  They are going to be sorry when I complete my book and become famous, they'll want me then.  And I, taking the high road, will tell them to "bite me".  How's that for your high road.

I don't know if I ever take the high road.  I usually take the smartass road and if you know a smartass or are a smartass, you know where that road leads.  Straight to your funny bone!  I do have a problem containing my smartass remarks.  When an occasion arises I have to take a deep breath and try to calm my mouth.  For instance, David and I will be talking about something and I'll say something and then he draws a blank or something and asks what I'm talking about.  *deep breath*  "I'm talking about what we were talking about." *deep breath*  I don't say what comes in my mind because it wouldn't be nice.  And that dear folks is how you keep a marriage together when you are a smartass.

Hmmmmm...do we do a writing prompt for my smartass readers?  Um, yeah!

Writing prompt for 12/9/16:

Are you a smartass?  If so write about a time you had to stifle it.


Does the smartass in your life get on your nerves?  Write about how you avoid killing them.

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