11/15/16 - Well I made it!

Today I celebrate the 29th anniversary of my 29th birthday.  How cool is that?!!  Why am I up at 3 am?  It surely isn't from excitement.  Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to wake up on Christmas morning and your birthday? I can blame it on MS but I give that guy a bad rap all the time.  Even though he deserves it because, well, #MSSucks.  I should have baked myself a cake yesterday and then I could be enjoying some cake and milk.  I didn't, eye roll.  So here I am, up early.  Oh, by the way, hang on to your hats.  You think POTUS Trump is going to be bad...wait until you get a load of this!

POTUS Dawn Lewis

  • Defund NASA (that's around 19 billion)
  • Make English our official language
  • Defund ESL and any Spanish immersion programs
  • Defund and replace Michelle Obama's school lunch crap
  • Defund packaging in anything other than English
  • Defund and replace common core for common sense
  • Build housing for any of our Veteran's that are homeless
  • Quell the recidivism rate in our prison's
  • Make term limits for Federal, State and Local politicians
  • Remove silent letters from words
Ok, that's my list for starters.  I'll update this as I begin preparing for my run in 2020.
Now for more pressing things, right now, that make my brain itchy.
Sword - it's pronounced "sord", do NOT pronounce the "w".
"How long have you lived there for?" Seriously, save your breath and the word "for".
"I need to ax you a question."  Ax is a tool so stop being a tool and say "ask".
"Like I totally need my blankie and binkie after this election." Stop using "like" in every sentence.
African-American, they are blacks.  They were not naturalized like someone who has moved here from another country and has legally been made a citizen, e.g., Italian-American.
Are there things that absolutely drive you mad when someone says it?  Comment below, you may be featured in an upcoming blog post.



  1. Like, happy birthday Dawn! Like, I like your style. Like, I don't understand a lot of what you are writing about, like being Canadian and all. But like, I like your attitude ;-)

  2. Hey can you call me an amlance?? BAM YOU'RE AN AMBULANCE...(from the 911 days)


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