11/30/16 - Tada!

I made it!  I made it to the end of NaBloPoMo!  I have blogged every day this month.  I really didn't know if I would do it since I'm such a quitter.  Oh come on!  I know I don't finish most things.

So what to write about today?  Seriously!  What should I write about today?  Give me a word or a couple words or even a sentence and I'll finish my day with one I pick.

I got two responses, one for "gratitude" and one for "friends and antics".  You gotta love girlfriends to keep you going.

I must say, my friends are what keeps me going sometimes.  When I go to the dark side they understand and give their support.  Even though they may not understand the true darkness, they know the lighter side of our tale.  For that, I appreciate them.  There is not enough gratitude in the world today.  Where did the "please" and "thank you" go, it's not out of style, it will never be.  We instill in our kids and grandkids the attitude of gratitude and hope and pray it sticks.  When everything is taken for granted, we need to show them that nothing but air and love are free.

Now on to friends and antics.  The one that suggested this *cough* Donna *cough* is my best friend.  She is also one of my friends that see the crazy side of me...and still loves me.  So...Once upon a time, in a pool at the Anderson Oasis...

Once I tell you the story you must promise not to tell.  Promise?  Cross your heart and hope to die stick a needle in your eye promise?  Ok, here goes:

I went to the Anderson Oasis to float around in the pool with my bestie Donna.  They had a couple inflatable pool floats.  One was a triangle, like this one and the other was a round one with a divot in the middle, similar to this and yes, this is a true representation of how I looked in it.  Have you ever tried to fit a square peg into a round hole?  Well it went kinda like this and when I say kinda, I mean it really went like this.  Donna had her cute little hiney in the triangular one and was floating around peacefully.  Me, on the other hand, was on the ladder trying to fit my fat ass into that little, miniscule divot.  I'd hop off the ladder and tried to land in the center, in the water I went.  Back on the ladder.  Tried sitting (gracefully I might add) in the divot, in the water I went.  This went on several times and when I say several, I'm talking minutes and I got fully soaked in the mean time.  What do you think my bestie was doing this whole time, I mean THE WHOLE TIME!?  Busting her gut laughing, that's what she was doing!  I GOT DOTS FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!  I finally got my butt on the float and didn't want to move because I knew the thing would throw me again.  It was like this Image result for mechanical bull only wet.

This is just one of many, many times we laughed and laughed.  Being around her and her family, especially my near family makes me so grateful that I have them in my life.

Thank you Donna and Janis, I love you both. 

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