11/6/16 - Yes I'm weird!

Just when you thought you had me figured out...I can't start a new tablet, notebook or journal on the first page.

Why you ask?  You tell me!  As long as I can remember I've never, ever been able to start paper writing on the first page.  Try and Google why I can't, you'll not be able to find a thing.  Well maybe stuck away in some psychological paper but not in today's modern time inquiries of dear Google.  I find it weird myself and I guess the first step in fixing something is to admit to it.

Image result for image paper sack head Hi, I'm Dawn and I can't start a new tablet on the first page.

Seriously!!  What the heck is wrong with me?  I can blame it on the dots in my head but I've done this forever.

Here is my theory:  My belief is when I start a new journal, notebook or tablet on the second page it gives me the opportunity to write something on the first page that fits better in chronological order.  I even do it with my art journals, sick.  Or...The first page is a buffer for the second page, so the pencil/pen won't get on the inner cover of the book.

So in conclusion:  I'm weird and I wear the badge proudly!

If you have any suggestions as to why I can't do this, comment below.  Plus, if you think this is weird, you should see me read a magazine.


  1. Maybe its an even/odd thing. Page 1 is odd and alone. Page 2 is even and has a partner next to it. I dont know. . . But yeah I knew you were weird. It runs in the family! XO

    1. It sure does and a great, weird family it is. I'm so glad you're a part of my weirdness. Love you Cuz.


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