11/9/16 - I mean, Finally!!

The way people speak (and even sometimes how I do) really bugs me.  I may be from Slower, lower Delaware (yes, it's Slower, lower NOT Lower, slower) but you don't have to sound like you're from Podunk, USA.

I mean, when you start every sentence the same way, you might be a Podunkite.  I mean, this could be very irritating for those not from Podunk.  I mean, when you continue to speak this way you may stay in the habit forever.  I mean, if you stay in that habit forever, you might be a Podunkite.  I mean, I like you but you are making my brain itch and I can't be held responsible, I mean, for what may happen.

I mean, to you all out there, with your normal brains, you can laugh or smirk.  I mean, I HAVE DOTS IN MY BRAIN! I mean, one of my dots is not feeling so well these past few days, the dot on my optic nerve.  I mean, I've got to call the doctor when she opens and see if she can see me today.  I mean, if she can't see me today I will have to go to my neurologist.  I mean, this freaking dot makes my eye hurt.  I mean, it hurts all the time and bright light and moving it makes it worse.  I mean, I hate MS!


I mean, in conclusion, stop starting every sentence with "I mean"!  I mean, I might have to condense my speaking pet peeves tomorrow as my list of pet peeves is growing too long for the 7-day countdown to my birthday.


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