11/26/16 - If you had a pea stuck in your nose

I wonder if that title will get some attention.
I have a lot of ideas for blog posts but sometimes I just want to do something different.  I can complain about my life, I can complain about the times, I can complain about politics...there are a lot of things to complain about but you get sick of seeing it.  So here is something different, "Leave yesterday behind".
It's a cute little quote, on a cute little sticky.  How much better would our lives be if we could leave yesterday behind?  If we thought each day that the worries and woes of yesterday are in the past and we didn't dwell on them.  You can't look forward if you spend all your time looking back.  (funny thing, I just wrote 7 things that I want to add to my autobiography - see how my brain works)  Can you truly leave yesterday behind?  I wouldn't want to.  Well maybe if I could leave my regrets behind, then maybe that would be good.  I would never want to leave the good times behind.  When you think of it though, most of the good times are tinged with bad.
When I look back at my bad times, that are dripping with regret, I see that God pulled me through, yet again.  I can see that I was a successful single mother.  I can see that I am a #MSBeast because I can survive with MS.  I can see that I retired from DSP without killing anyone.  I can see that I survived my day in bed yesterday and that today I'm not hurting as bad.
So let's try it.  Stop dwelling on the past.  You can't change it anyway.

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