11/2/16 - I need to write this stuff down

I need to walk around with a notepad in my hand.  I can't add it to my iCloud notes as my iCloud is always full.  What you say?  This stuff that is floating around in what is left of my brain, that's what!

Dear Lord!  My thoughts certainly aren't lonely in there.  I have questions in there and when posed to my children are deemed "weird".  Don't get me wrong, I'm in agreement with them.  Here's an example:  Why do people run with their elbows bent?  I texted that message to them both, one of them told me to go to bed and the other answered with:  "Because bending at the wrist looks gay.".  Hey, at least I got an answer.  And if you know my kids you can guess who said what.

So here is my supposition; wouldn't you gain more momentum if you were to swing your arms like you do when you walk?  Anyone?  You can comment below.  And no crap about the "gay" remark if it's true...you know you've seen it. 

I don't run.  I would only run if something big was chasing me.  I don't plan on being around anything big so therefore, I don't run.  I think running for good health is dumb.  You know your innards are jiggling around inside you, that can't be good.  And look at their faces!  If that isn't the picture of torture I don't know what it is.  I bet no chick ever picked up a husband while running.  They are grimacing, sweating, blowing, snotting and who knows what else.

I propose that you run swinging your arms at the shoulder and don't bend your arms at the elbow.  I also propose you don't run, it's dumb.

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