11/7/16 - Brain dump Part 1

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I get so frustrated doing things at times.  Sometimes it feels like my brain is just so full of things I need to do.  This stuff is jumbled in my brain.  To most people this can be accomplished by writing things down, prioritize them and just get it done.  To me it's like this,

I need to read! 

I need to write reviews! 

I've been asked to be a promoter for a Southern Gospel group.

I've got to get my house in order, hopefully before Christmas.  (clean stuff)

I'd like to clean Kristin and Richard's carpet before Thanksgiving.

I have a special project that I need to research and hopefully act on.

I need to stay off Facebook for a while so I can get stuff done.

And then there's Christmas and getting ready to go see Meghan in January.

Seriously, this stuff makes me stress, stress makes me hurt, hurting makes me do nothing, doing nothing gives me more strings.  It's a vicious cycle!  The struggle is real!

Help me Lord.

Sweet baby Jesus, have mercy on me.  7-11


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